Farewell, at least for a while

As you can all see, there have not been many posts for the past few months. This is because there is simply not time to complete any posts, and I have taken most of my writing to my academic and public side of things. Who knows what might lie in the future, but for now none of the people at this blog (including me) really have time in their schedule to write things, let alone watch things. I have decided I now want to formally put this blog on pause, as it is unlikely to advance substantially at this time.

I am very grateful for the work of Philip, who wrote several articles for this blog, and with whom I hashed out a lot of discussion on this blogs future.

I would also like to thank all the readers and commenters who paid attention to this blog, and wish them the best on their own writings.

In the future there are many things that could happen, perhaps even hard-copy publications given sufficient financing. But, that time is not now.

Farewell for a while, and best wishes to all of you!