A short post, that should have a more creative title

I am going to hammer out a short little post to just keep things humming along. Partially a ramble, partially commentary on what I have been watching.

I have to say that there certainly has been a fetish for girls in military (or simulated military) circumstances lately. Girls who are guns, girls who perform tank battles as a martial art, and I am sure there are some others that I have missed. I notice that the battles in Girls und Panzer are being fought with solid tank rounds… but there seems to have a lack of physical injury from said rounds. Of course, it is all a silly fantasy world anyways. Barely worth a blog post.

ImageImageI finally got around to watching the first episode of My Ordinary Life. It was quite funny, although I have seen the best parts on YouTube earlier. I may watch the rest, but there is no dub and I may try improving my Japanese ability on the way at some point. Well, I will see how things go on that front. I am getting quite scheduled with things, so we will see what is coming up.

I am also blogging at Traditional Christianity, as you may know by now. I may have a post coming up that relates to my earlier post on the anime subculture. It will discuss the origins of modern adolescence and hopefully serve as a source of discussion on the foundations of our present culture.