Gainax: a bunch of sellouts

Today I am going to call out a major company, beloved by many, to express my sincere attitude towards it:

Gainax. The company that started with Honneamise, and has wound up producing the grossest banality in Evangelion and it’s adaptations of Mahoromatic, He is my Master, and Dantalian. And how did this happen? Most likely a general lack of ambition and a strong tendency to simply do what makes fans go gaga. And what makes a lot of fans go gaga nowadays is lots of

Cross shaped explosion from EVA, surrounded by Halos.


Misato's photo with flirty stuff scrawled on it advertising herself, and pointing out the swellings on her chest.

and BREASTS. And that puerile crap is just not worth a man’s time, my friends. If  I wanted to see that I would just watch Ranma 1/2, or Kimagure Orange Road. And I hated Kimagure Orange Road.

When Gainax made Honneamise, their first commercial production, they got the best talent they could find: They got a real musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a real visual artist to do the drawings. These were individuals who had no direct connection to the world of animation until Gainax got in touch with them. This truly was Gainax’s high point. And what happened? Honneamise didn’t make enough money relative to the massive budget they used.

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s opening theme 

So they sold out. And decided to “make money”, by producing dreck. Even EVA, a critically acclaimed production, sinks under the weight of vicious fan pandering that makes it hard to notice the very thoughtful parts that are present in that series. And that is just part of what makes the decline of Gainax so unfortunate. They could be producing the very best animation today if they wanted to. Instead they simply won’t take the risk, and as a result will never make any wins.


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